so far it is great and I'm loving it! It wears well looks very very elegant and understated. Everyone who's seen it likes it!


Я получил часы и уже некоторое время нахожусь в полном восторге. Они превзошли мои ожидания, хотя до этого рассматривал фотографии. Полная фанастика!!! Одел на руку жене, на ее руке еще красивее. Даже не знаю, как мы их поделим :)


I wanted to let you know that I got my watch on Wednesday and it's fantastic! I wore it to work yesterday and my coworkers were all very impressed with the design and quality of the watch. Thanks so much for making a wonderful watch


Thanks very much, it was far nicer in person than on line. Keep up the great work.


Thank you. I did receive the watch. I like the look and enjoy wearing it. My friend who also ordered one is also very happy with the look. I have one more buddy who is waiting on his GAF order to hopefully ship soon.